0% Interest Up To 60 Months On New Trane System *On Select Systems!

0% Interest Up To 60 Months On New Trane System *On Select Systems!

AC Installation In Holiday FL

Holiday Florida is as relaxing and beautiful as the name would imply. However US 19 highway running through Holiday brings with it pollution. Older homes in Holiday may have AC units that are outdated and inefficient, while rapidly built communities may not have had their HVAC properly installed.

How do we know if an HVAC was improperly installed in new houses? Those with new homes from 2020-2022 seem to have more problems with their HVAC than older homes. New homeowners have complained that their master bedroom is hot or much hotter than the rest of the home. Does your home feel more humid than normal? Humidity in a new home can cause many issues, such as mold and mildew growth, but is also a sign that your new HVAC was improperly installed. These are issues Millian Aire AC & Heating has been finding and we have been fixing these problems for new homeowners in areas where new home construction growth was substantial the past few years.

Tightly packed homes in organized neighborhoods with a scarcity of trees mean higher local heat. 20% of Holiday’s population is over 65, a demographic vulnerable to extreme temperatures. 

Key Factors for HVAC Installation in Holiday Florida

You appreciate Holiday’s sun-drenched setting close to the water but not so close that you’ve got to worry about flooding.

However, you are also probably very aware of the challenges of heat and humidity in Florida. Older homes may not be equipped with modern air conditioning systems, while newer ones may not have had proper AC installation. Rapidly built treeless neighborhoods have higher local heat but may not have the most efficient air conditioning units installed.

New Trane System Installed By Millian Aire AC and Heating

Air Pollution

US-19 cuts through the center of Holiday, offering an easy commute but also contributing to pollution that can compromise your indoor air quality without an effective HVAC system.

Advanced HEPA filters and regular HVAC component sanitization can help eliminate this issue. This is particularly vital if you or your family members suffer from respiratory conditions.

Outdated or Poorly Installed Systems

Many homes in Holiday may have less efficient air conditioning systems, either because they are older or were installed quickly as entire communities were built at once. Poorly installed or outdated units often don’t process air as efficiently as possible, which means higher bills and hot spots throughout your home.

Millian Aire is experienced in revamping older or badly installed systems, whether you need a complete system and ductwork replacement, a new system and duct repair, or just a cleaning and patch-up of your system.

Senior Population

Holiday is home to a significant senior population, with approximately 20% of residents being over 65 (source). This demographic is often more vulnerable to extreme temperatures, especially if underlying health conditions are present.

AC systems are more likely to fail in the most punishing temperatures, so a modern, reliable HVAC system is essential for Holiday residents susceptible to heat-related health issues.

Compact Houses & Few Trees

Many of the neighborhoods in Holiday have closely packed homes with limited tree cover. Some neighborhoods, like the Lake Conley Mobile Home Park, have almost no trees. They can be a great place for a senior to live but the lack of shade can cause your AC unit to run longer.

Urban areas with few trees exasperate local heat by reducing natural shade and enabling storage and heat radiation from buildings and paved surfaces.

An efficient, high-performing HVAC system is demanded to hold up to extreme temperatures and keep your home cool despite the lack of trees.

Millian Aire AC & Heating Offers AC Installation in Holiday Florida

Millian Aire offers free estimates on AC installations

Do you want a premium HVAC system at budget-friendly costs? Millian Aire AC & Heating has established our reputation as the foremost HVAC service provider across the Tampa Bay region, including Holiday and surrounding areas, for over three decades.

Whether you are looking for an energy-efficient, low-cost solution for a manufactured home or flood-proof installation in one of the communities bordering Lake Conley, like West Shore Estates, we have you covered. Cutting-edge tools and methodologies deliver the perfect system at the right cost for your needs.

Are you a new homeowner and your AC unit isn’t working as well as you hoped? Is your master bedroom hotter than the rest of your home? Does your home feel more humid than normal? You may have an incorrectly installed HVAC system. We’re offering FREE checks for those who have new homes built between 2020-2022 in the Holiday Florida area.

Feel good knowing we provide free estimates for every new AC system.

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Holiday Florida Residents – Learn How Millian Aire Serves Your HVAC Needs

  • Holiday Florida was established in the 1960s and rapidly developed into planned communities. There are many homes with outdated or poorly installed AC systems. Our expert technicians specialize in modernizing and correcting HVAC setups, whether you need repairs, duct sealing, or total replacement.
  • If you live near Highway US-19, pollution could be infiltrating your home and overworking your HVAC system. First our Aeroseal service can seal your ductwork, allowing your system to run more efficiently. A sealed and efficient system, combined with frequent filter changes, can keep pollutants, allergens, and other common particles at bay.
  • The closely packed homes and sparse tree cover in much of Holiday can make local heat skyrocket. Our team will assess the strain your air conditioning system is likely to experience so we can install a system that can handle your local conditions.
Millian Aire truck being loaded with a new AC unit for installation
Millian Aire offers financing for new AC installation

Costs and Financing Options

At Millian Aire, we believe every Holiday Florida resident deserves a reliable and efficient HVAC system. That’s why we offer comprehensive, no-obligation quotes detailing every cost that will go into your AC installation.

We also offer a range of financing options, as well as recurring promotions and discounts, so every Holiday homeowner can enjoy a climate-controlled home.


Pricing for a new air conditioning unit depends on the model, size of the unit, and complexity of the installation. Millian Aire is happy to provide a comprehensive, free-of-cost estimate for you. However, AC installation in Holiday, Florida generally runs between $2,600 for a ductless mini-split up to $14,000 or more.

We frequently recommend Trane as our brand of choice to our Holiday Florida customers because of its unmatched dependability. However, we offer a range of products to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

The need for new ductwork depends on the condition of your existing system. It isn’t always a requirement when you’re installing a new AC system. Allowing conditioned air to escape via leaky ducts wreaks havoc on your energy bill, so if your current ductwork is too damaged to fix, installing a new one may be worthwhile. We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing ductwork. If your ductwork is relatively in good shape but has some leaks, our Aeroseal service will effectively seal them.

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