0% Interest Up To 60 Months On New Trane System *On Select Systems!

0% Interest Up To 60 Months On New Trane System *On Select Systems!

Duct Installation

The comfort of your home and the effectiveness of your HVAC system depend on your ductwork. Uneven heating or cooling, increased energy bills, an overworked HVAC system, and poor indoor air quality result when ducts are dirty, inadequate, or damaged. 

Professional duct installation in Florida ensures that your home stays cool through our hot and humid summers and that you’re not paying more for air conditioning than you need to be.

Millian Aire’s expert solutions can optimize your HVAC system’s performance, improving temperature control and air quality throughout your home.

Duct Work Update

We encourage our customers to wait until fall or winter to have changes done to their duct work. Due to the oppressive temperatures of the attic, often reaching above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes an unsafe workplace for our installers. Additionally, the heat and sweat prevent the glue and tape we use to secure the ductwork from sticking effectively. This leads to future issues where duct work can come apart from the vent and allowing attic air to penetrate your home. If you have an urgent matter regarding your ductwork, please give us a call.

Understanding Your Ductwork Needs

Ductwork is your HVAC’s circulatory system. When the ductwork isn’t clear and clean, your AC must work much harder to keep your home comfortable. Severely compromised ductwork results in inadequate heating or cooling.

Here are some signs that hint at the need for new ducts to be installed:

Signs You Need New Ducts Installed

Insufficient vents or air intakes stress your HVAC system. You may notice the unit running more than it seems like it should be. Uneven temperature distribution throughout the house is a classic sign of ductwork issues, as the unit pumps too much air into some rooms and not enough into others.

Some older home in the Hudson area may also have insufficient air intake vents, which does not allow for enough air to be evenly distributed around your home.

New air ducts or new vents to increase cooling
Temporary solution to fix ductwork is Aeroseal

Temporary Solution: Aeroseal

Aeroseal fixes damaged ducts by sealing them with a specialized glue. The seal is expected to last about 10 years, making it a temporary respite from duct issues.

However, it doesn’t address the root cause of the problem. You may find yourself revisiting duct issues sooner than you would like. Since you may not know right away that an Aeroseal seal has failed, frequent inspections are critical where Aeroseal has been used on your ducts.

Aeroseal can be a permanent solution for a lot of duct problems. By sealing your ducts, it reduces air escaping from duct connections, or where tiny holes may have developed.

If your ductwork was designed correctly but is not working optimally due to leakage, then aeroseal may be the perfect solution. According to Energy Star, the average home in the US loses 20% of their conditioned air through duct leaks – this equals to about a Goodyear blimp full of cooled air every year.

Permanent Solution: New Duct Installation

If Aeroseal cannot solve the ductwork issue that you have then a new ductwork installation may be the answer. A healthy duct system is the key to overall efficiency and longevity of your HVAC system.

New duct installation is more than replacing old or damaged ducts. It improves the overall efficiency and longevity of your HVAC system.

A professionally installed ductwork system ensures optimal airflow throughout your home, reducing the stress on your HVAC system. When designed improperly, ductwork can cause your system to try and push out more air than it can, or pull in less air than it needs.

This causes increased work on your mechanical parts within your unit. New ducts are designed to stand the test of time, providing a more comfortable home and lowering your energy bills for years to come.

Flexible ductwork in the attic of a house in Florida

Why Choose Millian Aire for Duct Installation

Millian Aire AC & Heating has provided HVAC services in Pasco County and the Greater Tampa Bay Area for over 30 years, since 1993. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians excels in providing effective solutions for all HVAC issues, including duct installation and replacement.

Whether you own an older or newly constructed home or are undergoing renovations, Millian Aire is equipped to manage your duct installation project. Relying on our comprehensive range of HVAC services, we can seamlessly integrate new ducts with existing systems. Or, we can design a new ductwork setup uniquely designed for your home’s layout and HVAC setup.

If you have an older home and your system seems to be failing to cool properly, it could be a sign that your ductwork isn’t adequate to distribute the cool air throughout your home. You may find that you need an additional air intake placed somewhere in your home or you may need additional vents throughout.

Our skilled team can evaluate your existing ductwork configuration, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and install ducts to optimize your HVAC system’s effectiveness. 

Our in-depth grasp of ductwork and HVAC systems enables us to offer solutions tailored to your home’s unique requirements.

We are fully licensed and bonded and adhere to the stringent standards of the HVAC industry in every project we undertake.

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New ducts installed in the attic of a house

Our Duct Installation Process

Our duct installation process is tailored to meet the unique needs of every home we service. We will start with a detailed assessment of your current ductwork and HVAC system, identifying any existing issues or areas that need improvement. 

Post-assessment, we move on to the design phase. We will create a customized duct design to optimize airflow and efficiency throughout your home.

Your new ductwork will last many years, but may still have small leaks at the connections. These small leaks in the beginning will amount to very little energy loss. As your ductwork ages, additional leaks will start to appear, the connections will have bigger leaks and the only way to stop these new leaks is to use Aeroseal duct sealing.

Finally, we will install your new duct system. Our professional installation will make sure your new ducts can stand the test of time. It is normal for ducts to leak as they age.

Our duct installation process is a comprehensive solution to HVAC inefficiencies, ensuring your HVAC system operates at its peak performance.

Benefits of Professional Duct Installation

When ducts are sealed properly, pollutants, allergens, and other harmful particles can’t circulate through your home. Ducts that move air evenly throughout the home ensure there are no stagnant areas.

The efficiency of your HVAC system depends on the condition and design of your ductwork. Properly installed ducts ensure air flows efficiently and evenly throughout your home, reducing strain on your HVAC system since it isn’t compensating for lost or unevenly distributed air. 

Working less hard can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, saving the cost of premature replacements or costly repairs.

Want to make your home more comfortable, save money on your energy bill, and keep your air conditioner in good condition longer? Reach out to Millian Aire AC & Heating for a free consultation and quote on duct installation tailored to your needs.

When ducts are designed to ensure smooth airflow and installed to prevent leaks, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, resulting in lower energy needs and reduced heating and cooling costs. Over time, these savings can make professional duct installation a wise investment.

Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of professional duct installation is how much more comfortable your home will be. Properly installed vents distribute air evenly across all rooms, eliminating hot or cold spots. 

Your home will be quieter with professionally installed ducts as well. HVAC systems that don’t have to work as hard run more quietly and less often

With over 30 years of experience in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, Millian Aire is dedicated to providing comprehensive HVAC services. Our seasoned team will ensure that your HVAC system operates at peak performance year round. Your path to a more comfortable and energy-efficient home begins with a call to Millian Aire!

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