0% Interest Up To 60 Months On New Trane System *On Select Systems!

0% Interest Up To 60 Months On New Trane System *On Select Systems!

Aeroseal Duct Sealing

The Sun Coast is beautiful, but the heat and humidity are no joke. Leaky ducts cost you money, create conditions where mold and mildew can thrive, and make it harder for your HVAC system to cool your home. Duct sealing in Tampa, Fl can make a huge difference in your energy bill, comfort, and health.

You don’t necessarily have to replace your ducts or pay for complex duct repair to get the benefits of well-sealed ducts.

Aeroseal is a highly effective, low impact and low cost solution to leaky ducts.

What Is Aeroseal?

Made from similar materials to those found in chewing gum and baby pacifiers, Aeroseal is completely non-toxic and safe. Multiple safety certifications verify it’s risk-free choice for homes and commercial buildings.

Aeroseal’s smart technology ensures precise air sealing across your entire duct system. Its a cost-effective way to meet rigorous air sealing standards such as ENERGY STAR®, LEED, Passive House, or Net Zero without having to do extensive repairs or replace ducts.

For over 20 years Aeroseal has built its reputation as a quick and durable solution for duct leaks, proven through tests simulating 50 years of use. 

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Benefits of Aeroseal Duct Sealing 

Improved Air Quality 

Aeroseal keeps dust, pollutants, and pollen that cause allergies and respiratory issues out of your ducts. It also keeps humidity out, which means mold and mildew won’t grow in your ducts and affect your indoor air quality. This is very important in and around Tampa, where the humidity in air surrounding your home is typically very high.

Enhanced HVAC Performance 

Leaks in your ductwork mean a lot of the cold air your system is producing is being lost into your attic or crawl space. Your system has to work harder to replace that lost air, which means a less efficient system. Aeroseal can instantly improve your HVAC’s efficiency. 

Reduced Energy Bills 

The energy efficiency that comes with Aeroseal isn’t just good for your HVAC system. It can also reduce your energy bills by up to 40%, which can result in savings as high as $850 per year.  That’s pretty good, especially considering how much less expensive Aeroseal is than replacing ducts. 

Extended HVAC Lifespan 

Reducing the strain on your HVAC system and keeping it running more efficiently extends the life of your system with fewer problems and repairs. You could get years more out of your HVAC before replacement is necessary. 

Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots

When air escapes through rips in your ducts, it doesn’t get to some of the vents it’s supposed to, which means the air in those rooms will be hotter. On the other hand, as your AC senses that the temperature is too high, it pumps out cold air through the vents not near rips in the ducts, which makes those rooms colder. Aeroseal treatment levels out the temperature throughout your home. 

How Aeroseal Duct Sealing Works

  1. Get your free estimate. Call or schedule online at a time that works for you for your completely free and commitment-free estimate.
  2. Pre-seal test. Consider this test a “before” snapshot of your duct system. It tells us the extent of leakage in your existing duct system.
  3. Sealing. Sealant under pressure is pushed into your air duct system. Computer control allows for precise and thorough coverage. We closely monitor the progress, ensuring every leak is sealed.
  4. Post-seal test. Reflects improvement in duct efficiency after the Aeroseal treatment, letting you know right away how effective the treatment was. 

Why Choose Millian Aire for Your Aeroseal Needs?

When it comes to Aeroseal duct sealing, the expertise and precision of the service provider are critical. Aeroseal technology can make air duct systems nearly leak-free, but only if the technician conducts the pre-seal test properly, monitors and adjusts the sealing process as needed, and runs an accurate post-seal test.

You need to know that the company you choose is experienced and able to seal your ducts with Aeroseal properly. Otherwise, you’ll be left still needing duct repair or replacement. 

Millian Aire AC & Heating has been a leading provider of HVAC services in Pasco County and the greater Tampa Bay area for decades. Our deep-rooted expertise in the HVAC industry equips us to handle all HVAC tasks, including the specialized knowledge required for effective Aeroseal duct sealing.

We understand that the effectiveness of this technology lies in the details of its application. From inspecting your ductwork to identify leaks to testing to ensure all leaks are sealed, we take every step with care.

At Millian Aire, we prioritize quality and efficiency and never cut corners. Our quick and effective Aeroseal application process significantly reduces duct leakage at a fraction of the cost of replacing your ducts. 

We’re dedicated to building lasting relationships with our clients, offering routine maintenance and ongoing support to ensure your HVAC system continues to operate at peak efficiency long after our work is done.

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