0% Interest Up To 60 Months On New Trane System *On Select Systems!

0% Interest Up To 60 Months On New Trane System *On Select Systems!

Will You Be Able To Get AC Repair In Tampa This Summer?

Quick AC repair in the Tampa Florida area isn’t a guarantee this year. Last year’s record temperatures pushed air conditioning units to their limits according to this abc Action News report, resulting in unprecedented demand for air conditioning repair in the Tampa Bay area.

Tampa AC repair companies, including ours at Millian Aire AC & Heating, were swamped, with the average daily calls nearly doubling. Some of our days were filled from dawn till dusk as we tried to address all the urgent breakdowns that couldn’t wait.

This summer isn’t likely to be different, with April already as hot as it should be in June or July. Here is why your AC may quit on you this summer, how to avoid a shutdown, and why a maintenance plan is the best way to prepare.

Why HVAC Systems Fail in Intense Heat

In extreme heat, air conditioning units work harder and for longer. Operating constantly or nearly constantly without breaks puts immense pressure on the system, leading to overheating of mechanical parts and ultimately system failures.

The more difference there is between the outside temperature and the desired indoor temperature, the harder the system has to work.

As the summer goes on, wear and tear on all parts of the HVAC system, including compressors, motors, and capacitors, continues, leading to breakdowns even in systems that handled the heat at the beginning of the summer.

Millian Aire truck at a customers house in Tampa Florida

How Regular Maintenance Can Prevent the Need for Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Tampa Bay

Regular maintenance performed by qualified HVAC technicians makes it much more likely that your AC will make it through the long, hot Tampa Bay summer. One of the biggest reasons why your AC stops blowing cool air is because the drain line is clogged. The majority of our calls are due to the drain line has been clogged from debris.

How did your drain line get debris? Usually because of a dirty or full air filter or a cheap air filter that is not filtering the air that is going into the air handler.

Did you know that your air handler brings in air from your home (usually there is a grate with a filter on your wall), it pushes the air through the coils and then expels it back int your duct system which then cools your home. Within your air handler, small dust particles combine with the condensation and turns it into a mud light substance. This mud substance then gets washed down your drain line. Without regular maintenance this mud/debris will form a clog and cause your system to stop working.

With the right tools you can clear this clog to get your system working properly again – but it’s always best to call Millian Aire and have us check your system to make sure it won’t break down again during our hot humid summer.

1.) Prevent Costly Repairs

Most major failures in air conditioning systems don’t occur overnight. Experienced technicians can spot these signs and address minor issues before they affect your HVAC’s ability to function.

2.) Enhance Efficiency

Over time, every AC system loses efficiency, making it more difficult for it to keep up with extreme heat. Common culprits include dirty coils that impede heat transfer, low or old coolant, and ripped or torn ducts, all of which regular maintenance addresses.

3.) Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air might have pollution levels two to five times higher than outdoor air, according to the EPA. Regular maintenance ensures your AC system is filtering properly, reducing the concentration of indoor pollutants like dust mites, pollen, and mold that pollute your indoor air and make it more difficult for cool air to circulate properly.

4.) Prompt Service

Being part of the Millian Aire Maintenance Plan means you get priority service, so if your AC does break down to the heat, you won’t have long to wait for repair.

Millian Aire’s Maintenance Plan Benefits

For just $18.99/month you get:

  • Biannual Maintenance: We perform two thorough maintenance checks per year to prepare your system for each season. 
  • Priority Service: Members receive priority scheduling over non-members, so if your AC does have a problem, you won’t be waiting for days like everyone else in Tampa.
  • No Overtime Charges: Plan members are not charged extra for after-hours services, so even if you find your AC has cut out when you get home late, you can get it taken care of without spending a fortune.
  • Discounts on Repairs: Enjoy a 10% discount on any necessary repairs we find while we are doing maintenance or that you need addressed between maintenance visits.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Tasks: Our service includes cleaning indoor and outdoor coils, checking Freon pressures, calibrating thermostats, and much more, ensuring your HVAC is in prime condition.

Sign Up and Stay Cool

Don’t wait for the first signs of trouble. Subscribing to our maintenance plan ensures your air conditioning system is always in top shape, avoiding the rush and hassle of emergency repairs during peak seasons.

Let Millian Aire AC & Heating keep your home comfortable this summer — sign up today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your AC is in expert hands.

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